Peter Slipper
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Slipper's finances on show

PETER Slipper's ascension to Speaker in the House of Representatives brings him perks few of us could hope for.

By leaving the Coalition and delivering the ALP an extra vote in parliament, Mr Slipper has also earned himself a $75,000 pay rise.

He now earns $275,390 a year.

If he is not re-elected in 2014, it will amount to about $826,170 or $225,450 more than he would have made had he been Deputy Speaker.

When 2014 rolls around, he will have notched up 21 years in parliament, giving him even more perks.

He will be paid $105,682 every year - 75% of the base politician's wage of $140,910 - until he moves to the big parliament in the sky.

That amount will be increased any time serving pollies are given a few extra dollars.

Thankfully, rather than relying on a measly $4064.69 a fortnight, he may want the equivalent of five years worth paid out immediately.

A handy golden handshake worth $528,410.

On the day after he walks from the hallowed halls of Parliament House, Mr Slipper will be given the holy grail of political perks - the Life Gold Pass.

The magic card entitles the holder to 25 return flights within Australia each year, flying business or first class.

Mr Slipper's wife Inge is entitled to the same as long as her husband is on the same flight.

This does not include the superannuation - 11.5% of his wage for his first 18 years in the job, with just under 6% after that.


Showing you the money:

  • $275,390 - Speaker's wage for Mr Slipper
  • $75,000 more than he was earning last week.

With 21 years of service to parliament, in 2014 he will be entitled to:

  • $105,682 will be paid to Mr Slipper every year as a wage after he leaves politics
  • $528,410 can be paid in a lump sum immediately after he leaves
  • After his term, he will also earn 25 return first class flights throughout Australia, which can include as many stopovers as he wants

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