Skydive ends in agony

A SKYDIVER is licking his wounds this morning after a nasty accident left him moaning in agony in a Coffs Harbour front yard.

Robert Crockett was visiting his mate, Wayne Harnden, in Victoria Street when all hell broke loose two doors up at 10.30am yesterday.

Mr Crockett said he saw the parachutist first hit a tree in the backyard of no. 41 and become caught on the television aerial on the roof.

The hapless skydiver has then crashed on top of the carport and bounced off onto the front driveway below.

“I rushed up to see if he was okay and I rang the police and the ambulance,” Mr Crockett said.

Mr Harnden described hearing three loud bangs and when he raced to the aid of the skydiver, discovered he was still conscious.

“He knew he had a broken leg,” Mr Harnden said.

Four paramedics treated and stabilised the man where he lay as his anxious colleagues from Coffs City Skydivers did their best to comfort him.

He was taken to hospital and treated for his leg injuries.

Barry Mufford owns the house at the centre of yesterday's drama, but had no idea what had unfolded until he returned home to discover the flurry of activity.

“I'm a bit dumbfounded,” Mr Mufford said.

Coffs City Skydivers part-owner, Steve Hill, said the skydiver, 44, had jumped with two instructors without incident with 'a perfectly good parachute'.

He had taken his landing into his own hands when he encountered interference on his radio, but he misjudged the execution. Mr Hill described the man as a good student who had completed at least three other jumps. “In his previous jump, he landed perfectly without incident,” he said.

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