Sean Betland’s long jump win counted for one of four gold medals.
Sean Betland’s long jump win counted for one of four gold medals.

Size no barrier at championships

SIZE didn’t matter for the Coffs Harbour Senior Athletics Club at the recent NSW Country Championships in Newcastle as the small squad still provided plenty of quality performances that grabbed medals.

The squad of only 13 athletes, aged between 12 and 47, collected 30 medals over the weekend in a wide range of events.

Sean Betland was the star of the weekend fighting off stiff competition to collect four gold medals and a silver.

Betland still holds the 18-19 years javelin record from 1996 at 66.94.

Middle distance teenager Matt Berrington was next on the list of successful local athletes with two gold and a silver, recording two personal bests along the way.

Youngsters Jonathon Gusman and Sam Reynolds collected a full set of gold, silver and bronze medals while Natalia Robson won a silver and bronze in her throws events.

Sammi Thacker achieved her personal best in the 800m at both the 400m and 800m finish.

Nicole Gusman won the high jump in both the under-16s and 18-19 years high jumps, achieving 1.63m to qualify for the Australian Youth Championships in March.

Club president Glenn Thacker grabbed silver with a season’s best in the triple jump, while another veteran Greg Robson battled on for bronze in the 1500m recording his best time for five years.

Jordan Gusman moved to the sprints and collected gold and silver in the 400m and 200m respectively. Siobhan Deam won the 1500m and then overcame illness to secure a gutsy silver in the 800m the next day.

Calumn Hockey won gold in the discus and javelin.

The all-rounder for the weekend was Emma Robson who earned two medals in the walk as well as further medals in the discus and hammer throw.

A number of the junior athletes will be competing at the NSW Youth Championships which start on February 11.

The club will look to build on these performances next season and athletes of all standards are welcome to join in weekly competition at Toormina Oval at 5.30pm on Tuesdays.


NSW Country Championships

Coffs Harbour Senior Athletics Club

40-49 years – Glenn Thacker TJ 8.87m 2nd, SP 8.06 4th, Jav 33.20m 5th; Greg Robson 1500m 4:42.82 3rd, 400m Ht 65.27 8th, 800m 2.23.69 5th.

30-39 years – Sean Betland Jav 51.28m 1st, Discus 30.53m 1st, SP 10.76m 1st, LJ 5.75m 1st, 800m 2:15.34 2nd.

18-19 years – Calumn Hockey Jav 45.89m, 1st, Discus 29.25m 1st.

17 years – Siobhan Deam 1500m 5:06.3 1st, 800m 2nd 2:23.15; Jordan Gusman 400m 52.22 1st, 200m 24.39 2nd.

16 years – Nicole Gusman HJ 1.55m 1st, TJ 10.44m 4th, 400m 1:06.28 5th, LJ 4.58m 4th, HJ (18-19 yrs) 1.63m 1st; Matthew Berrington 3000m 9:53.81 1st, 1500m 4:25.98 1st, 800m 2nd 2:12.86.

15 years – Emma Robson 1500m Walk 8.10.01 2nd, Discus 21.34m 3rd, Hammer 13.58m 3rd, SP 6.58m 4th, Jav 17.63m 5th, TJ 5th, 3000m Walk (16 yrs) 19.06.74 3rd.

14 years – Samantha Thacker 1500m 6:37.05 8th, TJ 7.93m 7th, 800m 2:56.01 8th.

13 years – Natalia Robson SP 8.55m 2nd, Discus 19.59m 3rd, Jav 17.85m 5th, 1500m Walk (15yrs) 9.21.91 5th; Jonathon Gusman HJ 1.40m 1st, LJ 4.07m 2nd, TJ 8.68m 3rd.

12 years – Sam Reynolds 80mh 15.50 1st, HJ 1.28m 2nd, SP 6.70m 4th, LJ 4.01m 7th, Jav 6th 13.99.

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