Simple rules for a comfortable work environment

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Ergonomics image for ETC Better Business column Contributed

IF WE get just three simple things right in life it makes an enormous difference.

To sleep, sit and stand in a comfortable and healthy manner improves almost every facet of life.

The difference a quality bed makes in providing a great night's sleep and the comfort of well fitted shoes over a long day are well recognised.

However, people often forget about how important the design, quality and fit of their office chair is for their health and comfort.

In exactly the same way people need different size and styles of shoes there is no one-style-fits-all office chair.

It is increasingly common for us to spend six hours or more sitting at work and this can have a huge impact on our performance and well-being.

Making sure we are sitting on the right quality and design of chair is the first step.

The second step is adjusting the chair to properly fit you as an individual in your specific environment making a great deal of difference in terms of comfort and performance.

The diagram (pictured) provided helps as a guide for adjusting a chair to suit somebody who works at a computer in their day to day employment.

Following this advice can help with postural problems, fatigue, attention to detail and productivity.

Business tip

Never underestimate the importance of quality professional advice when shopping for office furniture.

Staff at All Office and Business in Coffs Harbour offer many years of experience in helping clients make the right choices particularly in regard to the design, quality and fit of their office chairs.

The company stands by their motto: "Taking care of business...every every way.”

Visit or phone 6652 2355.


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