Sideswipe: Paleo must mean gullible

Fat Water fails taste test

It's called Fat Water and it's better than real water because it is infused with tiny droplets of fat extracted from coconut oil that improve both hydration and fat burning. Creator Dave Asprey calls it "biohacking".

"You are less stressed and recover better and are a nicer person. I am making it easier for people to make those little changes and feel good all the time."

But experts aren't buying into it.

"It is just getting crazier and crazier," one nutritionist says. "If you're thirsty, drink water; if you're hungry, eat food."

It might have been easier to market but for one small thing. Taste.

Taste testers at various media outlets were unimpressed, describing the water as tasting like lotion and liquid soap, among other things. (Via

Quickie response

"My niece, named Eden, works as a checkout chick and is constantly getting remarks on how unusual her name is, or just being cheeky," writes a reader.

"Last week she had had enough. A man came in and after he made a comment about her name she said: 'I was named after Mt Eden jail as that was where I was conceived.'

Shut him up pretty quickly."

Not more "ultimate"

Julia Anderson spotted a listing on

"This made my husband and me laugh. We're certain the owners of this multi-million-dollar property for sale in Russell would not be very happy seeing their property advertised as the 'Penultimate in Living and Leisure'.

We're sure the agent is unaware that penultimate actually means 'next to last'."

Cecil's over it
The distress across the Western world over the big-game killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe was not necessary, according to veteran "animal communicator" Karen Anderson of Washington.

She says she has discussed his demise and he has moved on.

Cecil is quoted as telling Anderson: "Let not the actions of these few men defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts."

Anderson's usual fee to speak with dead pets is $75 for 15 minutes, but she did not say if she had a client for Cecil's tab. (Source: News of the Weird)

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