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Radford on target to win shooting world title

IN ONE of the most extraordinary feats by a Coffs Coast sporting personality, shooter John Radford has won the IRB World Rimfire championship in France.

His performance was also instrumental in Australia A team-mates Robin Cox and Jaegen Peet also finishing with the top team title.

Australia A set a new world record of 4467.249 to finish ahead of Italy with our national B and C-grade teams filling in the places to almost deliver a clean sweep to the shooters from Down Under.

Despite being the 74-year-old veteran at the championships, Radford still managed to outshoot every other competitor in the team's events.

In the individual competition, he finished with an astounding perfect score of 1500.114 to set another World record.

He shot six cards of 250 and then handed his rifle and gear to fellow Aussie John Patzwald who then must have found magic in his hands, going on to fill second place.

Apart from the advancing years - that don't seem to be holding him back - Radford has battled a long illness and only recently emerged from a lengthy period of semi-competitive retirement.

Coffs Harbour's newest world champion is due back in the city today.

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