Shoddy treatment

RECENTLY I sought employment with a government-funded body.

I sent off my resume, 14 days later I attended an interview where I was told applicants would be notified in about 14 days if they had been successful or not.

Over three months have passed.

During that time I have been given conflicting explanations.

On the last visit I spoke to the person who had interviewed me and was told the positions had not been finalised.

I spoke with friends and discovered my experience is not unusual.

I asked a group of youngsters and four were able to tell me that they had experienced long waits for a reply or received no reply at all.

But worse, they accepted such treatment from prospective employers as normal.

Our responsibilities aim to direct our children towards becoming useful and responsible citizens with appropriate occupations.

Over the years parents, schools and business have worked together to achieve those aims.

Now having experienced shoddy treatment and being expected to put up with it, makes me fear for our children's futures and the long-term effect it will have on them.

It also makes me wonder about the decision-making capabilities of employers.

If they are unable to effectively make sound judgements in the employment process, how are they able to apply effective management practices in their workplaces?


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