Ship tourists in

THE couple of letters writing against the proposal to reopen investigations into cruise shipping for Coffs Harbour do require some clarification.

Firstly, the idea being put to council at present is not of a new shipping terminal.

There has never been any mention at all by any of the supporting councillors of a shipping terminal to be built and constructed inside the harbour, although the notion that a shipping terminal is inappropriate in a shipping harbour does baffle the mind.

It appears comments that point out "despair" with the current council are simply being made to delay and obstruct any initiative that might bring tourists.

Questions as to whether we can cope or not with an influx of tourists for a day simply point to the depressed state of expectation that is widely held by some for this part of NSW, while at the same time further reinforcing an attitude that Coffs Harbour is not an exotic destination of worth.

The current council represents a departure from the old, from the "let's just do the same things again and expect better results next time" mentality, to a fresher "let's look at alternatives that can add to what we already have".

We have lost the timber, the fishing and agricultural bases that originally sustained this city and consequently, we are searching for their replacement, which in this case is more tourism.

Council is spending millions of dollars per year to entice people to visit Coffs Harbour.

Wouldn't introducing tourists to the city via our beautiful harbour add to these intentions?


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