Dr Robert Hamilton demonstrates
Dr Robert Hamilton demonstrates "shaking their little booty" as a calming technique for a crying baby.

'Shake their little booties' to calm crying babies

CALMING a crying baby is easy. You just shake their little booties.

This is the advice from American paediatrician Dr Robert Hamilton, whose video tutorial on calming bubs is going surprisingly viral.

Skip to about 40 seconds for where things become interesting:

The doctor gives very simple advice, demonstrating his techniques on babies in his office.

"I take his right and put it across his body. Then I put his left arm across the body like that.

"I hold it, grab his little bottom and very gently rock them up and down at a 45 degree angle.

"You can see he comforts pretty quickly really.

"I shake his little booty like that.

"Everything you do is very gentle. You don't want to do jerky motions, ever.

"You can see I'm rolling my finger around my chin and look at him. This is a content little baby."

According to Pacific Ocean Pediatrics, Dr Hamilton has been a practicing paediatrician for 26 years.


Dr Hamilton tips for how to calm your bub:

1. Fold across the chest

2. Secure arms gently

3. Grasp diaper area

4. Rock at a 45 degree angle / shake their little booties.

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