CONTAMINATION: Pic: Enhance Fuel Chinchilla
CONTAMINATION: Pic: Enhance Fuel Chinchilla

Servo that sold contaminated fuel racks up major repair bill

CONTAMINATED fuel has caused havoc to the cars of up to seven seven customers who filled their tanks at Enhance fuel station in Chinchilla.

Heavy rainfall led to the contamination with up to 200L of water seeping into the 1500L fuel tank and contaminating a small number of cutomers who filled up on Wednesday, February 5.

Owner and manager of Enhance Chichilla, Neela Reddy, said a regular customer first brought the issue to his attention on Wednesday when her car broke down one kilometre from the fuel station after putting $10 of fuel in her car.

“She contacted the mechanic… they checked the fuel tank system and they found that within every 100ml of fuel there was only 20ml of fuel, and 80ml of water,” Mr Reddy said.

“She called me immediately and said something is wrong with the fuel, until that time seven customers had already brought fuel.

“I stopped all the bowsers straight away, and we didn’t sell any fuel on the 5th and 6th of February.”

Mr Reddy said the customer fuelled up between 6.30-7am and called the fuel station at 7.45am, resultingin the immediate closure of all the bowser pumps.

The seven customers who fuelled up using the contaminated fuel have all been in contact with Enhance Chinchilla, Mr Reddy said he is covering all their expenses.

“I’ve cleared four, three more are pending because I haven’t gotten the invoices yet,” he said.

So far Mr Reddy said he has paid $2900 in repairs for four vehicles, and $1200 for a technician to repair the fuel tank- estimating the fuel contamination may cost him $7000-$8000 in total.

An area of gravel near the fuel tank caused water to get into the tank, Mr Reedy said it has now been concreted and shouldn’t pose a risk during future downpours.

“We are very very apologetic to all our customers, this is a small town and people are very great and supportive and we hope our loyal customers continue with us,” he said.

In a gesture of good faith Mr Reedy said Enhance Chinchilla will be discounting their fuel prices with Unleaded sitting at $1.329 and Diesel at $1.399 – from today until Thursday, February 20.

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