BoM's February rainfall predictions.
BoM's February rainfall predictions. BoM

Seriously BoM, when is it going to rain?

THERE'S a damn good chance of 50mm of rain across the whole region for February, the Bureau of Meteorology say.

Even better, there's more than an 85 per cent chance of 100mm of rain for the Byron Shire, and an 85 per cent chance of these totals for Ballina and Lismore.

So rain is coming people, keep your fingers crossed.

Unfortunately chances drop right back to half for rainfall to exceed 200mm on the coast with a 35 per cent chance of rainfall exceeding this in Lismore and surrounds.

Residents are getting creative with their attempts to attract rain - Dave Buku posted a few tips to Byron Bay Community Board which included: "Hang out the washing, make plans for a BBQ, wash your car, mow the lawn, go for a picnic, water the garden and whatever else you can think of to tempt ol' Murphy".

What days the rain will come is not possible to say as the bureau doesn't forecast beyond seven days but Elders Weather has given an indication of when we could expect some.

"Over southern and eastern Australia the cold front events with potential to bring widespread rain are now expected about February 8 to February 12, February 16 to February 20, and March 1 to March 5," their 28-day forecast reads.

According to the site, the days with a high chance of rainfall (75 per cent) are February 5, 6 and 12.

Any rain is good at this point with the drought intensifying but unfortunately BoM's latest climate outlook released yesterday predicts February to April is likely to be drier than average for north-east NSW.

"Days and nights are very likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia," BoM said.

"This follows Australia's warmest December and what looks almost certain to be the warmest January on record."

There's a 75 per cent chance of coastal areas Byron Bay and Ballina receiving 400mm of rain during those three months, 300mm for Lismore and 200mm for towns west of here.

BoM senior climatoligist Robyn Duell said further towards April it looks likely to be drier than usual.

"The Northern Rivers typically see 100-200mm during February, with even higher totals near the coast," she said.

"This February, there is no obvious patterns in the ocean temperature surrounding Australia which point towards it being an unusual month in terms of rainfall this February - but as we move into April the odds increase of drier than usual conditions."

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