Sea Eagles could've blown it

HAD Macksville not tried to score off every play, they might have run up a cricket score against Coffs Harbour yesterday, instead of the eventual 33-18 winning scoreline.

As captain-coach Grant Coleman quaintly put it: “ ... when the boys saw the try line they got a bit horny.”

“We tended to go off at everything in attack and became over-excited, instead of waiting for the chances to come,” he said.

The victory also hosed down rumours the Eagles may be suspect in defence, with their young forward pack working overtime and their charges up the middle proving difficult to control.

“Defensive wise, it was flippin’ beautiful,” Coleman grinned cheekily.

“Everything I asked of them they gave ... and more as well.”

The first half saw Macksville double the Comets error rate, yet still hold the ascendancy by interval.

But Coffs came back and hit the lead early in the second half, leaving coach Warren Gilkinson to wonder which way the match was heading.

“I thought either they’d kick on, or go backwards,” he admitted.

“Unfortunately, it was the second option.”

The game turned when the visitors made a fatal blunder while defending their try line.

From a large group of off-side players, one emerged to launch an ill-starred shoulder charge at Jesse McEwen ... which missed completely.

It left a yawning gap through which the five-eight charged and it wasn’t just the six points scored which seared the Comets, it was the meltdown moment when Matt Donovan exploded at referee Nathan Grace which saw him sin-binned and out of play when all hands were needed on deck.

Right near the end, McEwen added the icing with a wonky-looking kick which earned one point for a field goal.

“Technically, I’m very happy with what we achieved and we’ll sharpen up a few things,” Coleman beamed happily.

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