Cassie Scully
Cassie Scully

Scully walking on air

COFFS Harbour’s own pocket rocket, Cassie Scully, has been walking on air for the last week being named as the Australian sport aerobics champion.

Competing in Sydney last weekend, Scully edged out current world champion Kylie Thomas to take the national crown and now she has her sights firmly set on perfecting her routine ahead of the world championships to be held in a month in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

“I went to Prague for the European championships at the start of the year, and after that I decided that wanted to come home and have a new routine for worlds,” Scully said.

“I only had three weeks to prepare after landing back in Australia for state, so I put a new routine together, gave it a go at state and I was happy to win that and then I just added harder skills and made it even harder with the same music and a similar routine for nationals.

“Now I’m ready to make it even harder again for worlds.”

The 25-year-old admitted that her victory last weekend and hopes for a strong performance in Holland are based on a new-found string that has recently been added to her bow.

“The biggest thing that I’ve always had to work on is mental strength,” she admitted.

“I love training and I can always push myself really, really hard on my own. I don’t need anyone yelling at me to train harder so my biggest thing is believing in myself and realising my ability.

“I really worked on that before nationals this year and for two weeks before, my Dad helped me a lot with it and I think that just gave me the strength to do it.

“You’ve got to be calm before you go on stage and you’ve got to learn how to calm yourself down and how to breathe before you get out there so you don’t waste all of your energy being nervous before you go on.

“I think all of the little tips that I went over really helped.”

It also helps that there’s enough strength to perform a one-hand/one-leg push-up through the high-energy two-minute routine that she performs on stage.

“I’ve got three throughout the routine,” she said.

“When you’re fresh, to get down and do one is a piece of cake for me but to do three in different spots throughout the routine when you’re getting tireder and tireder, the hard part of it for me is that strength.

“For the last couple of years I’ve just got to the last part of my push-up and then I’d put my hand down.

“My goal at nationals was to get the three finished and then move on and I did that.”

While the trips to cities such as Prague and Eindhoven are a highlight, Scully admits that she already has one eye on next year’s world championships which are being held in Australia.

While performing in front of home fans would be one of her biggest thrills, Scully admits that defending her national crown next year is going to be a tough gig.

“We’ve got the world championships on the Gold Coast next year so everyone is trying to qualify for that and they find out next year at nationals if they qualify,” she said.

“Everyone is coming out of retirement and they’re back into it.”

They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them if they think they’re any chance of beating Coffs Harbour’s number one.

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