Scott Levett and Martin Hogan inspect the half pipe.
Scott Levett and Martin Hogan inspect the half pipe. Coffs Coast Advocate

Scott's talent is piping hot

WHEN Scott Levett was given the opportunity to think big for his Year 8 project, he came up with a plan of half pipe proportions.

And then he turned it into reality.

With the help of mentor Martin Hogan, the Bellingen High student learnt how to bend metal pipes and weld bracing together to make half a half pipe. . . and along the way discovered he had a talent for welding.

Scott was one of 50 students who were encouraged to take on a real-life project during 2009 and learn a whole swag of new skills.

Teacher and project co-ordinator Tom Gyenes said watching Scott and other students taking an abstract idea and turning it into reality had been great.

“There were some top quality results among all the students,” Mr Gyenes said.

“Scott's half pipe is massive - he really achieved something significant.”

Not surprisingly, Scott's project quickly became a family project, which according to Scott's mother, Angela, created a rare harmony among her four boys.

“It was lovely seeing Scott getting so involved in this and also seeing all the boys co-operating,” Angela said.

“I'm really proud of him. His brothers are enjoying the new ramp.”

Martin said Scott had really taken to welding.

“I saw immediately that he had a skill for this,” Martin said.

“The best part of the project for me was when the neighbours rode past the house on their bikes and Scott waved and yelled 'I'm welding!'- they couldn't believe it.”

Learning to weld was a buzz for Scott.

“I did some impossible welds,” Scott said.

“I love it - it's so good seeing how it is afterwards.”

For him the trickiest part of the process was creating the plans for the modular unit, which needed to be strong but mobile. The best part 'was meeting Martin'.

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