School zones still in force

COFFS COAST drivers need to be vigilant around schools today and tomorrow even though pupils begin their holidays.

School zones will operate until Friday afternoon despite some schools having pupil-free days for the end of term.

"Just because a school looks like it is closed doesn't mean it or nearby schools are not open," an RTA spokesman said.

"School zones operate on all gazetted school days to ensure the safety of students who may be travelling to or from school.

"Not all motorists will know if the school they are driving past is having a pupil-free day or if students are at school.

"This is why all 40km/h school zones will be in force. Motorists need to be aware of school holiday dates to ensure they keep within the legal speed limit."

School zones will resume again on Monday, October 10.

Local roads will be hectic during the holidays - that's why it's important to remember children can often be unpredictable.

"Children are some of our most vulnerable road users - we should all be mindful to take extra care at this time of year.

"Do your part to ensure children are kept safe - pay attention around local streets, parks, playgrounds, attractions and at shopping centres."

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