Tyre blow-out a shocking reminder

A BLOW-OUT on the Number 43 bus from Valla to Coffs Harbour yesterday morning was, according to Valla parents, a reminder of how easily little things can go wrong as well as another wake-up call about the importance of getting seatbelts on school buses.

Parent Cristabel Wright said she received a text from her daughter saying the incident had occurred and although shaken, everyone was okay.

“You don’t need much imagination to see how something minor can become a serious accident,” Ms Wright said.

“These little incidents often go unreported – the Number 44 bus was side-swiped not so long ago.”

Local campaigner, Simon Portus, said the incident highlighted the great need for seatbelts.

“This is exactly what we are talking about – you never know what can happen or when,” Mr Portus said.

The parents are keeping pressure on government departments, saying their children are occupying the only vehicles travelling on the dangerous Macksville-Urunga stretch of the highway with no seatbelts.

They say the risk is even greater for those children standing.

Media spokesman for Busways, David Collins, said the incident happened near Lyons Road, Coffs Harbour.

“One of the four rear tyres deflated during the journey,” Mr Collins said.

“The driver continued along the road until there was a safe place to stop.

“Another bus, which was travelling down the same road at the time, also stopped.

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