Parents asked to control kids

SAWTELL business owners have asked parents to keep their kids in check after two shopfronts were hit by vandals at the weekend.

Restaurant owner Tim Amson and florist Glenda Wilson were left shaking their heads after youths jumped on and broke new balustrade outside their stores.

They struck just days after the new fittings were installed.

“First Avenue Sawtell shouldn’t be the playground of marauding gangs of youths running around breaking things after dark,” Mr Amson said.

His neighbour Ms Wilson, of Flowers on First, said she hoped parents would take note of the damage and ask a few questions of their kids.

“At this time of year coming into the school holidays, these sorts of things happen more regularly. But these kids are so bold, if you speak up and say something you get this kind of payback,” she said.

Mr Amson, who is re-opening the former Radhikha’s Restaurant, said the damage happened after he told a group of troublemaking youths to move on from the area.

“To make sure this doesn’t happened again we will be installing security cameras, it’s the only safeguard you can have as a business owner,” he said.

The town’s surf club was also damaged at the weekend.

Sawtell Chamber of Commerce president Leigh Martin said while these random attacks are disappointing, he believed they were isolated incidents.

“Generally speaking vandalism has been good in Sawtell recently,” Mr Martin said.

“Three summers ago it was just ridiculous, but I think things have changed for the better. Residents and business owners have got to the point where they have just had enough.

“Greater police patrols in the area are helping and I think now more people are calling police as soon as they start to see kids causing trouble,” he said.

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