Sarah McLeod
Sarah McLeod

Sarah so tour-ready


SARAH McLeod’s first solo tour in six years will be her last but she is excited as a schoolgirl about her Live and Unplugged acoustic tour.

The former front woman of Aussie progressive rock band, The Superjesus has found a new sound.

"I’m sick of being solo," McLeod said. "I’ve turned a huge corner and I don’t think I’ll ever be solo again."

"I don’t really like being solo – seeing people with my name on their t-shirts – having art designers come up to you to show me my name in basically different fonts."

Speaking of coming out from "being under the thumb most of her life", she is enjoying freedom.

"You might have noticed I haven’t played in the last five years and that’s because my management decided playing live wasn’t part of our plan," she said

"Now, I can’t stop playing live – I feel like a caged animal let out of the circus – running around the streets. It’s an absolute blast."

"My manager packed up and went to London, so I don’t have to worry about her reading my interviews anymore."

As part of The Superjesus, she earned three ARIA awards and sold 300,000 records.

Since the band split in 2004, she released a solo album, Beauty Was a Tiger, which included He Doesn’t Love You, which became a smash number one hit when remixed for clubs.

McLeod also hosted the music television show Coca-Cola Live ‘n’ Local and her latest album is electro-pop-rock, Double R.

Her Live and Unplugged acoustic tour started out as just solo material.

"I thought I could some Superjesus songs to say where I’ve come from and I thought I’d need guitar accompaniment for that so I spoke to a mate and she agreed to come.

"Then I released a bit of an album on the side project under the name Screaming Bikini. It was doing really well, so I included it."

Screaming Bikini is an all-girl band playing cheeky songs she wrote in London.

"I was going ’nutso’ living in London in a basement in a freezing, cold winter. I lost my mind and was really broke and hungry when I wrote those songs and they come from that headspace."

More excited about touring than she has been in years, she is taking a hands-on approach.

"We’ve got that whole starting again mentality. We’re making our own merchandise, putting up posters and I’m doing my own management at the moment."

"My aims for this tour have changed dramatically. Originally it was just going to be a couple of weeks and more dates are being added to the tour all the time. So far, we’re going right through to October."

One of the most-recognised faces in Australian rock, her private life became public when the Daily Telegraph outed her and girlfriend Kara ‘KJ’ Jane, bass player with The Art.

KJ was the "mate" she asked to join her on the tour as bass guitarist and she is also the harmonising vocalist in Screaming Bikini, completed by a drummer who ‘swings her long hair around like a Muppet’.

"The Superjesus – I loved all those guys – were really ambitious and just wanted to be the best band around. In this band, we just want to have fun and play cheeky songs."

To date, her tour has been relaxed with McLeod and KJ filling in time after sound checks, sitting backstage handcrafting jewellery for sale at gigs.

"It stops us drinking too much before the show and we sell the jewellery at the gigs every night."

"We just sit there, drink a few wines, and chat to people. There’s a lot of audience interaction and every night is different."

Sarah McLeod Live and Unplugged is at:

The Tempo Hotel, Brisbane on Thursday, August 4. Tickets $25 from

The Sound Lounge, Currumbin. Tickets $25 at venue.

Sawtell RSL Club on Saturday, August 6. Tickets $20.

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