Liquor proposal under scrutiny

STUART Cameron says a bottle shop at the Sandy Beach General Store is what most locals want.

He’s applied for a liquor licence to sell take-away alcohol at the shop and says he can’t understand why some in the community are so opposed.

Mr Cameron said he was a young man trying to start his own business and he rejected claims alcohol sales would exacerbate beach party problems.

“It’s upsetting me that people are looking at it that way,” Mr Cameron said.

“Young people won’t be getting alcohol from me, that’s for sure. We will not be selling alcohol to underage people.

“These beach parties are happening everywhere, not just at Sandy Beach, but I plan to work with the local police.

“I will report those who try to buy alcohol for underage people from my shop.”

Mr Cameron said the feedback he was getting was that “most of Sandy Beach” wants the bottleshop.

“If anyone wants to get alcohol at the moment, they have to go on the highway which I think is dangerous,” he said.

“A lot of Sandy Beach people are tired of driving on the highway to get alcohol.”

But one resident told the Advocate locals were having big problems with drunken teenagers and a bottle shop was unwanted.

“On weekends, public and school holidays, groups of 50 to 100 schoolkids, teenagers and some adults congregate on the beach reserve or direct on the beach and behave badly in an intoxicating manner.

“The damage these people do to our homes and community facilities are great.

“The screaming, noise and bad language that these drunks are making is keeping us awake most of the night.”

Another resident said locals had “horror stories” of regular weekend teenage beach parties involving alcohol abuse and property damage but the situation had “quietened down” due to police intervention.

“Why even consider a liquor licence application which will undo all the effort the community has gone to to eradicate the problem by allowing legal alcohol to be sold as a commercial venture right on the beach.”

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