Same sex marriage vote should be via phone

SERIOUSLY Australia get with the times.

As a proud nation sanctioning the freedoms or all we have discriminated against our people who deserve the right to have their union of love publicly recognised.

How Australia has not actioned this important right and America the world's strongest Christian lobby per capita has is an indictment on our politicians in listening to the public.

Forget the postal vote or the online poll, what about a text message or phone call to every number listed in the Census or are we behind in the tech front as well?

Charles deWalt,

Coffs Harbour



Accountability a must in insolvencies

THE insolvency sector must improve its accountability and transparency or face louder calls for increased regulation.

Small business operators are often confused about the role of receivers, how they charge and what their timeframes are.

There needs to be greater accountability and a simple way to resolve disputes.

We hear from small business people and farmers the reality is somewhat different; it often appears that the receivers work for the biggest creditor, which is usually a bank.

Kate Carnell

Small Business Ombudsman



Parliament warned of rainbow activism

AS A Christian advocacy group we are demanding equal public funding for the yes and no cases to avoid 'bullying tactics of rainbow activists' ahead of the postal ballot on same-sex marriage.

The voters must have the opportunity to consider their verdict with carefully presented reasons for and against same-sex marriage.

Parliament should be warned of heavy spending from overseas by same-sex activist sources and bullying tactics in Ireland.

The postal ballot must also be compulsory, just like completing the census, so the result has popular legitimacy.

Ashley Saunders,

FamilyVoice Australia



Emerald Beach boat ramp woes

I AND other boat owner colleagues are strongly opposed to the removal of the Emerald Beach boat ramp.

Emerald Beach began its life as a small fishing village and it's still loved for this today.

I am disappointed with the six options put forward for the Emerald Beach Masterplan.

I cannot believe that most propose the removal of the boat ramp.

I have been launching my boat at Emerald Beach since 1972 and I'm shocked to think 'progress' is to remove the boat ramp!

I would be happy to be part of a boat owners group to support the replacement of the existing Emerald Beach boat ramp. If anyone wants to call me my number is 0410 562 386.

John Howard,

Emerald Beach