Letter to the Editor - November 1: Safety skating on thin ice

I REFER to the article: "It's just not cricket for the skaters at Brelsford Park" (CCA, 22/10).

The Brelsford Park precinct is, and always has been, a facility shared by various users over many years. It was developed for sport, and has been used extensively for cricket, rugby league, hockey, netball and cycling. Cricket has been the primary user for 70 years.

When it was first suggested that a Regional Skate Park was to be constructed at Brelsford Park and, again, when it was decided the corner of Earl St and Harbour Dr was preferred I vehemently protested to the CHCC.

I have been repeatedly asked how many times it would be possible for a cricket ball be hit into the skate facility during a game.

My answer: 480 in any one afternoon based on 80, six-ball overs being bowled during play.

To my knowledge, four balls have gone into the facility during the first two afternoons of play and no-one has suffered injury as yet.

Subsequently, I asked for a wire mesh safety net to be constructed between the cricket field and skate park, in addition to a white sight screen at the northern end of the facility.

Both these were agreed to by the engineers, however two weeks prior to the commencement of our cricket season I was advised the construction of the skate park had run over budget and there was no money available to fund the necessary safety features.

For the benefit of other users, please be advised that the insurance policy provided by Cricket NSW does not cover damage caused to vehicles or third parties, such as spectators or other users. If you wish to use the skate facility while a cricket match is in progress you do so at your own risk. This also was spelt out to council staff on several occasions.


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