Safety first starts in the driveway

IT WOULD have to be a parent's worst nightmare – running over your own child.

That's why Coffs City Library will host a special event on August 3 to drive home the safety first message for Coffs Coast mums and dads.

“Demonstrations of driver vision blind spots using life-sized child models, free car child restraint safety checks, the chance to win a $400 reversing camera plus children's storytime and craft activities will all be on offer,” said Anne Shearer, the city council's road safety and traffic officer.

“It's a very scary statistic, but one child is run over in the driveway of their home in Australia every week.

“Very often these are toddlers who are particularly unpredictable and hard to see from a driver's seat. This is especially true when you're reversing, which is obviously a very common manoeuvre in a driveway.

“Even a very slowly moving vehicle is potentially dangerous if a child steps into the way.

“The message we're hoping to get across with this event is for parents to make sure that before you reverse you know where the children are. Either get someone to hold their hand and stand away from the car or put them in the car with you before you start moving.”

Parents and carers will get the chance to win a reversing camera, simply by having their child seats checked by an accredited Transport NSW fitter and also testing the driver blind spots in a driveway safety display. The regular storytime for pre-school children and craft activities will also be run.

The event is on from 10am to noon. For more details, contact the council on 6648 4000.

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