WHILE paying a bill at our Coffs council chambers this week I had a private lament at the Pristine Boambee Beach scene on the screen behind the counter.

That certainly does not apply any more to the northern end, unfortunately where the Pristine has been sold off.

The sand mining at Boambee Beach has taken away the natural camber of the beach.

This has removed its defence against high tides and rough swells.

The beach is disappearing; it is a sad sight.

The erosion and damage on the northern end of the beach nearest the fishing club where the sand is removed is in stark contrast to the middle of the beach further south where the camber is of a natural grade and the erosion of the sand wall is very minor in comparison.

When storms do their damage to the middle and southern end of the beach they can and do recover naturally and quickly.

The beach in this northern section was previously much larger than it is now.

It seems to me there is no time being allocated to leave this section of the beach alone for long enough to allow recovery.

The endless procession of trucks cease during the holidays thankfully but the destruction now is way beyond a quick fix a few weeks each year can rectify.


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