Run-down complex and event parking frustrate readers

THUMBS UP to Blake Oakfield for saving a little girl who nearly lost her arm and her life you're a true hero Blake who deserves an award for the bravery you showed to save that girl from the claws of death.


THUMBS DOWN to the owner of the land that the Cinema, Greenhouse Tavern, Red Rooster etc occupy.
The infrastructure and buildings are so run down and roads potholed, the car parks are ramshackle and it is all poorly lit. It looks derelict. Why is he not compelled to maintain it to a presentable standard. Coffs is not a rich town but we are better than this.


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Well said. It looks horrendous and unsightly for the locals that live here never mind the message it sends to visitors.


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: The old Sizzler building is a disgrace and so is the lack of garden maintenance. The whole place is embarrassing.




REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: I agree it looks appalling.


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: It now looks like a slum. I cry for the gorgeous gardens that used to be there when the land was a motel.


THUMBS UP to the young boy who found twenty dollars at the chilli festival and tried to find its owner. Very honest of him.


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Love this ! . . . Did he find the owner ? . . . I wonder how many others would have just pocketed it . . .


THUMBS UP to local volunteers in our area that make events such as last Saturday's Boambee East Winter Solstice and today's Sawtell Chilli Festival such successes.


THUMBS DOWN to the tradesman renovating the new Kmart smoking outside the Big W entrance in the carpark, show some respect and move well away from the doors where non smokers and kids are walking.


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Same thing happened at Toormina Gardens.


THUMBS UP to all volunteers. No matter where you are helping out. Any help is better then none. Also thumbs up to all medical staff that are day in and day out helping others. Without these people life would be hard.


THUMBS DOWN to the chilli festival and its organisation we came down looking forward to attending and couldn't get within an inch of the place no parking anywhere at all within kilometres and let alone the crowds very poorly managed had no choice but to drive away due to no parking availability.


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: What do you suggest ... bulldozing parts of Sawtell? Sorry you missed out, but there was plenty off parking in the morning. 


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: What do you suggest ... bulldozing parts of Sawtell? Sorry you missed out, but there was plenty of parking in the morning.      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Why don't they run a shuttle bus from the university.      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: No I don't suggest that what I was suggesting is that there are parking officials directing traffic as there is with other things like this that happen in Coffs Harbour and that's absolutely Fantastic that there was plenty of parking.      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: It's like that every year. We went at 3pm yesterday and still had to park 2ks away.      


THUMBS UP: The Freedom RefUGee feast was fantastic. Great community spirit, so much food shared,performances to warm your heart and so many smiling faces. Coffs Central was the perfect venue space as well.      


THUMBS UP to Nadeen Todd for sitting with me through a stressful medical appointment and then taking me out to lunch. It's so nice to have loyal friends that will stick by you, especially in a small community like Coramba.      


THUMBS UP to the parents of the Coffs Harbour Joey Scout Mob! Your extra support this term has been amazing and I am truly blessed to be able to enrich your children's lives by being their Joey Scout Leader. Here's to what was a fantastic Term 2 and here's to an even more amazing Term 3.      


THUMBS DOWN to a local radio station for their breakfast show promo putting down an already struggling rugby league club. Surely they could find something humorous to use instead of putting crap on a sporting team?      


THUMBS UP to Mark at Boambee Swimcare. He's just amazing with the little ones and teaching them skills for life. Can't wait to return next term.      


THUMBS DOWN to the motorists who continue to cross double lines on Park Ave just to get a park on the other side of the road, it's illegal and dangerous.  


THUMBS DOWN to the too small mirror on Gayle Street, Coramba opposite Dorrigo Street. At this time of year with the frost it is impossible to see oncoming traffic and at other times of the year it is very difficult to see oncoming traffic.      


A HUGE THUMBS UP to Diane who works at Andrew Fraser's office for your wonderful help.Your kindness is much appreciated.       


THUMBS DOWN to people at Sawtell Chilli Festival who parked in 4th avenue all the way along the street where it clearly shows no parking and made it near impossible for it to be two way traffic and shame on council for not policing it would've made a fortune on genuine parking tickets today.      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Yes was bad. Took forever to get down that road. Had to stop for a never ending line of traffic to come around the corner before we could keep going.   Yes where were they today to book everyone parked down the street on the wrong side of the road bloody ridiculous.      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Yeah ridiculous I was waiting for a car coming the opposite way to collect my mirror.      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: It's the same every year they seem to suspend booking people for parking infringements in Sawtell for the day.      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Yeah well can guarantee if my car gets damaged because of it I'll be hitting council up for the repair.      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Good luck with that lol      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Couldn't the school playground be used for parking and the p and c direct cars in and make money? Could be a win win for everyone in the community- bit of planning ahead.      


REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: 20 people parked in No parking and the same when the whale died. Police came out both times. Residents cannot get in or out of their homes.      


THUMBS UP to Mr Intolerables down on Harbour Drive. Best curry I've had in ages.   Great service as well.       REPLY VIA FACEBOOK: Thanks Shannon, glad you liked it, Joel.      


THUMBS UP to all the nurses out there who help people every day.    


 THUMBS UP to Joshua James for being an outstanding community member.      


THUMBS UP to all involved in the next musical,' Sound of Music' at Jetty Theatre.      


THUMBS DOWN to motorists who don't know the road rules, what give way signs mean or how to use a roundabout.      

THUMBS DOWN to the people that take their dogs to the chilli fest. Seriously so stupid and no need for it.      


THUMBS DOWN to the 'The Advocate' for printing the same quiz a week later. (1/7/17).      


THUMBS UP to the 'The Advocate' for the return of the quiz. (24/6/17)  

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