Rubbery remnants found in a box of long life Milk bought at Aldi in Bundaberg. Photo: Craig Warhurst/News mail
Rubbery remnants found in a box of long life Milk bought at Aldi in Bundaberg. Photo: Craig Warhurst/News mail Craig Warhurst

UPDATE: Aldi says rubber milk a one-off

UPDATE 3.30PM: Aldi has released a statement regarding the foreign material in the milk carton, saying it was an isolated incident.

"We have investigated this issue and can confirm it was an isolated incident, with no product recall required," a spokeswoman said.

"ALDI places high expectations on our suppliers to ensure they provide products that are manufactured to the highest possible food safety standards. Only after they meet our stringent criteria are they added to our range of exclusive brands.

"We undertake regular testing with independent laboratories to ensure the ongoing safety, quality and regulatory compliance of our products. If for any reason customers are not satisfied with ALDI's everyday grocery range, we will replace the product or provide a refund.

"ALDI is committed to providing safe products of the highest quality. We take any concerns with our products seriously, responding to and investigating all reports, as well as ongoing monitoring for any potential trends."


DES Roebuck got a shock when he tucked into his early morning bowl of cereal this week.

"It just didn't taste right," he said. "I poured the milk out and put the cereal in the bin.

"It was very early in the morning, as I was going fishing, and I had thought maybe my tastebuds weren't right."

But that night, his wife went to pour the Farmdale long life skim milk, an Aldi brand, into a saucepan and it wouldn't come out of the carton.

"We decided to cut it open, and found…this." Mr Roebuck, of Burnett Heads, brought the carton into the NewsMail office - and inside the 1L carton were several large pieces of shredded black rubber.

The long life milk, which Mr Roebuck bought in February, had a used by date of September.

Mr Roebuck returned the carton to Aldi Kepnock, where he purchased it, and an Aldi representative called him later that day to tell him it would undergo investigation. The process could take four to six weeks, she said.

"She said they would take samples of what was left in the carton, to try and track it down and see where it's from," he said.

"That size piece of rubber coming off a machine, you'd think it would be malfunctioning and they'd need to fix it.

"It could just be dumb luck that it's come off and ended up in my milk carton. But the packers need to take more care, that's for sure."

The NewsMail has been in contact with Aldi's media team who are preparing a statement.

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