Round and round

THERE has been a lot of discussion recently about roundabouts and the Give Way to the Right "Law".

I would like to point out that Part 9, Clause 114 of the Road Rules 2008, the actual law on roundabouts, states;

(1) A driver entering a roundabout must give way to: (a) any vehicle in the roundabout.

It does not mention right, left or any other direction.

The following extract is from the NRMA website; "There is no specific legislation stating one must give way to the other if entering the roundabout at the same time, only that you must give way to any vehicle already in the roundabout.

However, common sense must prevail.

As the rule states, a driver must slow down enough to be able to stop to avoid a collision if necessary.

Many drivers enter/approach roundabouts too fast and if there was a collision and it was a result of them not slowing to be able to avoid a collision, then they may face penalties from the authorities.

These are the rules and you can be fined for not abiding by them.

If involved in a crash, you might be liable when you thought you weren't.

People need to be aware that "give way to the right" has no bearing on the actual implementation of the road rules in the case of roundabouts but that in reality, most "threats" do come from your right.

My experience has been that every vehicle involved in a collision in a roundabout will be charged with negligent driving, as it impossible for authorities to tell who was where, when.


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