OVER THE MOON: Rosebank's Melissa Loveday was
OVER THE MOON: Rosebank's Melissa Loveday was "shocked to the core" when her lost handbag was returned to her untouched at Coles at Lismore Shopping Square. Francis Witsenhuysen

'Shocked to the core': Missing handbag returned untouched

MELISSA Loveday burst into tears when her handbag was returned to her untouched after leaving it at Lismore Shopping Square.

After work and a gym session on Wednesday evening, the Rosebank mother had whipped in to do some shopping, and in her flurry, left her handbag in a Coles trolley.

"I live at Rosebank and I didn't realise until I got home, " Mrs Loveday said.

"There was no time for me to come back and I just thought it was a goner.

"People are kind of on the border line around here with honesty ... we are in a low-income area and often might people take advantage of that situation."

Ms Loveday quickly transferred her money from one bank account to another in case the person who found it tried to access her account.

"I was really annoyed at myself for rushing and not paying attention," she said.

"I wasn't necessarily worried about the bag, but more the sentimental items in it, like a nice necklace I love and a spare key to my car.

"Then all of my cards, licence, key card, credit cards and my gym card which would cost about $50 to replace ... it was alot when I started adding it up in my head. It wasn't the money value it was just being able to get my personal items back."

Deciding she would ring around in the morning, Mrs Loveday changed her mind on the way to work the next day.

"I thought I'll just swing into the Square, because if someone did steal it they might have just taken what they wanted and chucked the bag," she said.

"After a quick chat with centre management, who were not even open yet and very helpful, they mentioned that maybe the trolley boys would have taken it to Coles.

"I was shocked to the core that it was handed in. And they knew to take it to Coles because it was in a Coles trolley, which is smart."

Ms Loveday believes her handbag being returned was good karma for recently finding $100 on the ground out the front of Woolworths and handing it into the desk.

"I couldn't take it," she said

"The good deed came back alright... I will be calling Ashleigh to thank her."  

Mrs Loveday shared her story publicly on The Lismore Information Exhnage Facebook page, which generated more than 300 likes.

The young lady who found Ms Loveday's handbag was 24-year-old Ashleigh Knight.

"When I stepped out of my car at the Square, I noticed that there was an abandoned trolley close to me which had a woman's hand bag in it. I had a look around but there was no one nearby.

"I took the bag out of the trolley and walked up to the centre management, unfortunately they were closed. I then tried calling security but there was no answer so I took the bag to Coles in case the woman came back to look for it."

Miss Knight then gave the bag to a Coles cashier and left her number so they could contact her if needed.

"My parents have always taught me to be kind to other people," she said.

"If it were my belongings I would hope that someone would do the same for me."

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