Mayoral candidate Rod Degens.
Mayoral candidate Rod Degens. CONTRIBUTED

Vote for me: Rod Degens

MY goals as the mayor of Coffs Harbour would encompass redressing many of the key issues which have eluded the CHCC over the past several years.

My style of leadership would be far less autocratic than what we've seen and had to put up with.

I believe good leadership means not only getting things achieved in a timely and cost-effective manner but accomplished by listening, being in-tune with and accommodating, wherever possible, what the community needs for it to prosper.

I'd seek to garner support from among a cohesive and talented group of councillors who'll serve the community well.

My job would be to instil vision and maintain an open-door policy.

I have an optimistic view of the future and I'd take a new and fresh economic vision for the city of Coffs Harbour.

This begins with the shape of the city as a whole. I see a city that shapes up as a triangle, with nodes at Park Beach, the Jetty and the present CBD.

The city needs to expand, not contract.

Well-thought-out plans for growth must be put in place with both State and Federal support and I see it as my role to encourage growth via sensible development without silly impediments.

The red and green tape must be drastically reduced.

As mayor I will ensure open transparency and full accountability for ratepayers' money.

Putting money into fixing the roads, municipal and public services are at the top my agenda.

However, there are many issues and topics I have strong views on.

With the help of the local media, I look forward to conveying these to the people of Coffs Harbour as we make our way through this election cycle.

In the meantime, my mandate for election is openness, trust and honesty.

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