APPEAL: Kim Hazelwood, 20-year-old Callum and eight-year-old Charli looking at the devastation left by the fire.
APPEAL: Kim Hazelwood, 20-year-old Callum and eight-year-old Charli looking at the devastation left by the fire. Trevor Veale

Rising from the ashes

THEY'VE been faced with unimaginable circumstances but with a positive outlook on life and the support from the community, one mother and her two children are on the way to a bright and secure future.

"It was a shock, I was numb because I just thought wow, we are here at the funeral and now our house has burnt down," mother of two, Kim Hazelwood said.

While attending one tragedy, Kim was visited by police with news a fire had destroyed their home.

"I've always tried to remain postitive in situations. You can't change it, we just have to deal with it now," Kim Hazelwood said.

With this positive outlook and the support, donations and love from the community, Kim, her 20-year-old son Callum and 8-year-old daughter Charli are moving forward and getting through this tough time in their lives.

The family were attending Charli's fathers funeral last Friday when police dropped by to tell Kim the house they were renting at Corindi had burnt down to the ground.

"It was heartbreaking but at least we have our lives and things can be replaced.

After finding out about the tragic circumstances, friends Jodee, Mel and Trish put a post out to Facebook asking the community for any support to help the family.

"It was two posts and it started the lot, that morning, within two hours we had 200 to 300 messages," friend Jodee Schweitzer said.

People have commented and messaged with offers of vouchers, clothes, food, furniture and more.

"It's so beautiful and overwhelming that people have their own lives and their own problems but they seem to have put all that aside to help us out," Kim said.

"The human spirit is a beautiful thing and that's what's getting us through.

"It's so touching and so comforting to have all that love and people who care that don't even know us, wanting to help.

Investigations are undergoing to find out what started the fire on the 100 acre property on Dirty Creek Road.

The family went into emergency housing at the Woolgoogla Motor Inn after the incident and are currently looking for rentals.

"I think it's really important that we do it really quickly because I want my kids to have security.

"I just think to myself I can't change it and I'm seeing that there's a blessing in disguise, things are meant to happen for a reason and I can get all down and sad about it but it's not going to change it.

The family have since been back and visited the remnants of their home and plan to stay positive, happy and healthy.

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