OLYMPIC HOPEFULS: Alyssa Bull and Alyce Burnett.
OLYMPIC HOPEFULS: Alyssa Bull and Alyce Burnett. Balint Vekassyicf

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Q&A; with Alyssa Bull

SUNSHINE Coast products Alyssa Bull and Alyce Burnett are close to securing berths in the Olympic team for kayaking.

If they win the K2500 at the national championships in Perth this week, they will have earned the right to be nominated for Rio.

The Daily caught up with Bull to see how things are going.

Q. You must be looking forward to the regatta?

"I am. It's exciting. We came here on Sunday night. We've been cruising since then but we'll be racing fast (today and tomorrow) so it should be good."

Q. Can you clarify where you're at in terms of Olympic selection? You won race one of the selection trials, the Oceania Championships, which put you in the box seat didn't it?

"We have to win two K2 races (to be nominated) and so far we've won one. There is this one this week and then, depending on the result, there could be a potential third one."

Q. You and Alyce work so well together. What's the secret?

"I think we have a similar attitude when it comes to training. We generally try to keep things light and fresh but we take it seriously when it's time to take it seriously. You don't get anywhere if you don't work hard."

Q. If you do get on the Olympic team it would be amazing, particularly because you sacrificed your Ironwoman Series pursuits a few years ago to instead take kayaking on.

"I didn't have 2016 on the cards when I started kayaking. I thought maybe 2020 but it has all sort unfolded the way it has. The coaches at the AIS and QIS talked to me (about the potential for 2016) and I thought I'd give it a go. It's turning out that I might surprise myself."

Q. If things don't work out, will you still shoot for 2020?

Definitely, but we've done a lot of hard work and ticked all the boxes that we think we needed to tick (for this year) so we're going to get out there this week and race the best we can and see what happens and hopefully it all goes well for us.

Q. You moved to the Gold Coast a year ago to further your development in the sport? How are you finding the change?

"We have good coaches and support staff and things there that you just done have on the Sunny Coast. It's that next level up. All the equipment we get to use and with the data we get, it was definitely a good move.

Q. Who are you main rivals this week?

"All the girls are paddling so well. This season, everyone has pushed each other up to that next level, which is great. We've got Naomi Flood and Jo (Brigden-Jones) from NSW, they will definitely be up there and there are other crews as well so it will be interesting. It could go any way."

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