Cory Daley is helping the Park Beach Grade 1 pennant head toward another title.
Cory Daley is helping the Park Beach Grade 1 pennant head toward another title.

Park Beach on track to number one

PARK Beach need only half a point from their final two matches to secure another Mid North Coast district men’s bowls number one pennant.

The dominant club for a number of years and State semi-finalists in 2009, Park Beach are 11.5 points clear of Coffs Ex-Services with only two rounds remaining after downing their clubmates Park Beach (2) 6-0 on Saturday.

In other matches, West Coffs are now favourites to take the grade two flag after downing Coffs Ex-Services 6-0 to move to within half a point of Sawtell who beat Stuarts Point 5-1.

West Coffs meet Park Beach (2) and Stuarts Point giving them an easier draw than Sawtell who have to play both Park Beach teams.

Urunga players proved they are human with their unbeaten run in grade three coming to an end after a 4.5-1.5 loss to Nambucca Heads although they still have the district pennant at their mercy.

In other grade three matches, Sawtell left Scotts Head at the foot of the table with a 6-0 win and Woolgoolga accounted for Park Beach 4-2.

Woolgoolga confirmed their position at the top of the grade four table with a 10-shot win over Macksville and a 5-1 result while Coffs Ex-Services remain second after a 5-1 win over Urunga.

In grade five, Woolgoolga are looking at another district pennant with a handy lead over West Coffs with two rounds remaining.

Woolgoolga beat bottom team Park Beach 6-0 and hold a seven-point advantage.

Nambucca Heads have grabbed a narrow lead in grade six after a 6-0 win over Park Beach while Bowraville are only a point and a half away after a 5-1 win over Coffs Ex-Services.

Sawtell on 27 points are still within reach but must win their last two rounds against the top two teams.

Nambucca Heads showed the battle for the grade seven one pennant is far from over after knocking over top team Stuarts Point to sit two points from the top.

In grade seven two, Sawtell slumped to their second loss on the trot beaten 5-1 against Bellingen leaving the door open for West Coffs to challenge in the last round.


Point scores after round 8

Grades 1-2: Park Beach (1) 37, Sawtell 26.5, West Coffs 26, Coffs Ex-Services 25.5, Park Beach (2) 18, Stuarts Point 11.

Grade 3: Urunga 39.5, Nambucca Heads 28, Park Beach 27.5, Woolgoolga 19.5, Sawtell 18, Scotts Head 11.5.

Grade 4: Woolgoolga 34.5, Coffs Ex-Services 27.5, Sawtell 22, Park Beach 21, Macksville 21, Urunga 18.

Grade 5: Woolgoolga 35, West Coffs 27.5, Nambucca Heads 25, Urunga 22.5, Bellingen 21, Park Beach 7.

Grade 6: Nambucca Heads 34, Bowraville 32.5, Sawtell 28, Coffs Ex-Services 25.5, North Beach 16, Park Beach 8.

Grade 7 (1): Stuarts Point 25.5, Nambucca Heads 23.5, Bowraville 20, Urunga 14, Macksville7.

Grade 7 (2): Sawtell 29, West Coffs 22, Coffs Ex-Services 19.5, Woolgoolga 13, Bellingen 12.5.


Round 8 scores

Grades 1-2: West Coffs d Coffs Ex-Services 6-0, Sawtell d Stuarts Point 5-1, Park Beach (1) d Park Beach (2) 6-0.

Grade 3: Woolgoolga d Park Beach 4-2, Nambucca Heads d Urunga 4.5-1.5, Sawtell d Scotts Head 6-0.

Grade 4: Coffs Ex-Services d Urunga 5-1, Sawtell d Park Beach 4-2, Woolgoolga d Macksville 5-1.

Grade 5: Woolgoolga d Park Beach 6-0, Urunga d West Coffs 5-1.

Grade 6: Sawtell d North Beach 3.5-2.5, Nambucca Heads d Park Beach 6-0, Bowraville d Coffs Ex-Services 5-1.

Grade 7 (1): Nambucca Heads d Stuarts Point 6-0, Urunga d Macksville 5-1.

Grade 7 (2): Bellingen d Sawtell 5-1, West Coffs d Coffs Ex-Services 3.5-2.5.

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