Richmond taking time to decide star’s fate

Richmond is working with the AFL to consider an appropriate punishment for star midfielder Dustin Martin.

The 24-year-old publicly apologised to a woman who accused him of threatening to stab her in the face with a chopstick at a restaurant in upmarket South Yarra on Saturday night.

The woman rang the club on Monday morning to inform officials of what happened, with Martin subsequently admitting he was drunk at the time and embarrassed by his behaviour.

Football manager Dan Richardson later described the incident as a hiccup - something club legend Kevin Bartlett described yesterday as unacceptable.

Speaking during his morning show on radio station SEN, the 403-gamer said he believed Martin should be suspended for 12 months and heavily fined.

"(There has been) not one word that violence against women is totally unacceptable, and this is at an AFL club that has the first and only female president (Peggy O'Neal)," Bartlett said.

"This is not player No.42 on the club list. This is arguably their best player.

"It's hard to imagine a more serious allegation."

He also said the situation was a serious test of Richmond's leadership.

Tigers chief executive Brendon Gale responded by acknowledging the incident was very serious and demanded a thorough investigation.

The AFL and each of the clubs strongly support a campaign to end violence against women.

Martin, who has played 131 games, is also expected to face punishment from the club's leadership group.

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