Resort owners sick of weekend vandal attacks

GILL and Leanne Farquhar of Bangalow Waters are at their wits end, after being consistently hit by vandals almost every Friday and Saturday night for a year.

As managers of the boutique accommodation in Korora, Gill and Leanne love the area in which they live and are saddened by a small minority that constantly trash and deface the area.

“It's such a nice area here, with really good people,” Gill said.

“But every Friday and Saturday night something happens. They take signs, smash statues. Some weekends, they push the rubbish bins into the waterways.”

“I think it's kids who must just get bored.”

He said in the year they have been at Bangalow Waters, there would have been only a few weekends without incident.

“There wouldn't have been many weekends since we've been here that something hasn't happened - and that will be a year next month.”

In the most recent event - last weekend - a group of vandals defaced and broke signage at the front of the accommodation site, ripped the roofing off one of their decorative bungalows and kicked over a Country Energy electrical box.

“They could have cut the power to the whole site - not to mention hurt themselves,” Gill said.

He said the police had been helpful and were doing their best, but were simply too busy a lot of the time to deal with weekly complaints.

Gill has now considered looking into starting a Neighbourhood Watch system.

“I've talked to a couple of people, and maybe Neighbourhood Watch would be a solution,” he said.

“Really, what can you do? I'm just sad that there's nothing better for these kids to do.”

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