Editorial - December 31: Resolve to make all days great

FOR many of us the dawning of a new year carries great meaning, a fresh start, a new chapter, an opportunity to reflect, a chance to party or the moment to better ourselves.

In the midnight hours of December 31, as I'm sure you'd agree, common resolutions to save money, get fit, lose weight, work less, travel more, quit smoking or be a better person seem so achievable.

The reality, however, that societal studies show is that just one in 10 people who made new year's resolutions actually said they succeeded when they were surveyed a year later.

If only those moments of inspiration and willpower could last longer.

Then again, would the satisfaction of rising to the challenge be as great?

Interestingly, the most common resolution researchers found was to spend more time with family and friends.

Aside from that there was also a theory among some that the year's end is not a beginning, but a continuation.

If that's the case surely it means every day should be the best day of the year.

The finding ultimately was that either way, people viewed life as a gift that is best lived in the moment.

Happy new year and all the very best for 2015.

Matt Deans,
Print Editor

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