Residents palmed off

PARK Beach residents have had enough of cocos palms, which they say is making life 'a stinking hell' in Vincent Street.

Concerned resident Cynthia Cook said the cocos palms from a neighbouring property attract the worst kinds of guests - bats.

“We're terrorised by bats,” Mrs Cook said.

“We can't hang washing because it gets covered with droppings, the bats land on the roof in the middle of the night and you think it's a burglar, and my husband has to clean the pool every day to get rid of the guano and the seeds and the smell.

“It's not a living hell - it's a stinking hell.”

Mrs Cook lives in a block of units and she's not the only one who wants to see the nearby cocos palms cut down.

Lisa Brown said she never lets her children onto her patio unsupervised.

“The seeds are everywhere and I worry that my kids will eat one,” Ms Brown said. “The patio constantly stinks of rotting fruit and you can't even sit out here.

“The guano dries and there's no way to get it off.”

Another resident, George Solly, said the seeds from the neighbour's cocos palms and the bats they attract affect everyone who lives there.

“The trees are pushing my fence down and the droppings are killing my garden,” Mr Solly said.

“Our green bins fill up with the branches and you can never get rid of the smell.”

Gardening Australia's website claims the cocos palm has become naturalised in northern NSW and is a serious pest.

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