Our front page story on Saturday quoting Cr Jennifer Bonfield and the Jetty Business Group.
Our front page story on Saturday quoting Cr Jennifer Bonfield and the Jetty Business Group.

Residents fired up over Jetty

JUST the mere mention of the Jetty Foreshores stirs up lively debate in our community.

Coffs Harbour City councillor Jennifer Bonfield has created controversy by arguing for a clean-up of the popular destination, considered by many to be the jewel in our crown.

She’s worried about drug dealing and other unsavoury activities at night.


Here’s some of your online comments:

Posted by Havachat from Coffs Harbour

AT last ... we have a councillor who can see the dreadful mess our Jetty Foreshores are in! Good on you, Councillor Bonfield, you’re right, there is unsociable behaviour happening every night in the unholy mess that a small group of ill-informed people call a littoral forest!

It seems that Councillor Bonfield and I agree that the unsightly mess (forest!) beside our beautiful Jetty Beach is a LITTERING forest and attracts a type of behaviour we don’t want in Coffs Harbour.

It’s time to get rid of the mess and these people so the MAJORITY of residents and tourists can do just as Councillor Bonfield suggests, take a stroll after work or over the weekend along the Jetty Foreshores promenade in safety, enjoying the ambience of the jetty and the Jetty Beach.

A very family approach councillor, congratulations, I’m ready to help you turn these thoughts and words into a reality ASAP.

Posted by johilder from Boambee

SHE rejected criticism that her personal and business interests made her CBD-centric, saying she was just as interested in development of Woolgoolga, Sawtell and the Jetty as the CBD.

Councillors may reject criticism of their priorities, but the fact remains that it is not the “druggies” holding Coffs Harbour back in terms of development, it’s decision makers in the council.

Posted by DavidJ

CR BONFIELD said she looked forward to being able to stroll in safety and comfort on a hot night.

People have been calling for this for years across Coffs Harbour, as Coffs has now become an ethanol drug abusers paradise.

Her statement: “There are a few too many (illicit) drug dealers down there”, can be easily answered with the simple fact illicit drug dealers don’t have family supermarkets and other all-age mediums given to them for their drug-dealing practices.

Cr Bonfield talks about ‘drinking’ and nice little ‘booze’ parties without seeming to realise that drinking and booze are street words for the recreational, psychoactive drug ethanol and its consumption, just like ecstasy, is a street name for the drug MDMA.

Her statement “Most beaches have a problem with drunk and disorderly conduct” is actually “Most beaches have a problem with ethanol drug abuse”.

And, the large groups of young and old that she is wary of are sitting around abusing the drug ethanol, not just drinking.

However, all these statements are about ethanol, which is why she only speaks about drinking while being horrified about drugs.

Posted by bigmanfisher from Coffs Harbour

THE funny thing is that Jenny said all the drug dealers had moved from the CBD.

She can’t even make the distinction between a drug dealer and a drug doer.

Drug dealers generally sell to the druggies and they would be the ones leaving the needles lying around.

I have been there many times and never seen any drug-related stuff lying around.

I agree a bulldozer and some well thought-out paths would make a massive difference!

Imagine having a view of the harbour wherever you walked down there!

Posted by okfred from Coffs Harbour

SOME people won’t be happy until the waterfront is concreted over and will say anything to make it happen whether it’s true or not.

Posted by bigmanfisher from Coffs Harbour

I WILL add that we need to understand that all the dunes around Coffs were man-made in the ’50s after the beaches were mined.

You could actually see the harbour and water from the train!

What we have there now is man-made environmental change! So if we make it more user-friendly I see no problem.

Posted by ScrapCath from Coffs Harbour

HOW about we regenerate the beaches and paint some of those eyesore buildings that you can see when you turn around to look at the residential areas.

AND repaint the toilet block inside.

Coffs Harbour’s public facilities would have to be the absolute worst I have ever seen along the whole eastern coast of Australia!

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