Residents fear city will lose 'country feel' ahead of boom

TOOWOOMBA is on the verge of a boom, but not all residents are happy about it.

New research predicts the city will soon be among the fastest growing regional areas in Australia.

Regional Australia Institute has predicted Toowoomba's compound annual growth rate between 2013 and 2031 will be 3.5% - the fourth highest in the nation behind only Cairns, Townsville and Mandurah.

The rate is above the 2.7% predicted national average and Toowoomba's 2.6% growth rate between 2001 and 2013.

The Chronicle shared the news with its Facebook readers and many people shared their own thoughts on the city's possible boom.

Owen Christison: "No work, no services , minimal tourism. Where's the boom?"

Katie McIvor-Oui: "Traffic around the city already chaotic... hmm here comes the boom."

Vicki Lynette Trunks: "I don't want it to get bigger. I have lived here 31 years, raised four children here and I think it's time people stopped thinking of it as a big country town."

Wen Moralina said: "When we moved here from Canberra in 2007 I thought to myself, wow, this must be Queensland's hidden secret....large parks, very friendly people, cheap real estate, big backyards. Fast forward ten years, it has managed to transform itself to the modern town, with plenty of road works, new suburbs rising, the new airport, the range. They are all nice and welcome, I just dread the thought of someday losing the country feel."

RAI chief Jack Archer said Toowoomba was showing other regional centres how to operate.

"If we could get every regional city going the way Toowoomba is (the RAI) could pack up and go home," he said.

Are you afraid Toowoomba will lose its country feel?

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"It's got some really interesting things going on, especially in the logistics and the agriculture sectors."

Mr Archer said the research showed regional Australia was a vital part of Australia's economic future.

"What we're getting at the moment is people looking at the latest 12 months of data and saying it's all about Sydney and Melbourne," he said.

"But when you look at the long-term performance, it's not the view that really holds up.

"You hear a lot about how regional areas are struggling, but the economic modelling shows over the medium-term they're going to be fine."

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