Residents angry after smash

A MOTORIST who crashed into a power pole on Sunday night won no friends in Coffs Harbour’s Antaries Ave.

Residents were left fuming after the crash caused power to be lost in the neighbourhood for about two hours.

“I’m just glad he hit the pole, because at the speed he was travelling he was on a collision course for a couple of homes,” one resident said.

“There are often kids playing in the street. It’s just lucky no one else was seriously hurt,” another witness said.

One resident who saw the car speed past her home remarked what an idiot the driver was seconds before the loud crash was heard.

A crowd of onlookers quickly gathered, as police, NSW Ambulance paramedics, St John Ambulance officers and NSW Fire and Rescue crews responded.

The driver was freed and loaded onto a stretcher and taken to Coffs Harbour Health Campus for assessment.

Police said speed and alcohol were factors in the accident.

Officers said they are waiting on the results of blood tests before confirming what charges are laid.

Residents say their street has been the scene of several accidents.

Coffs Clarence Highway Patrol Supervisor Sergeant Dave Vandergriend said police caught a number of drink-drivers around Coffs Harbour over the weekend.

“The rate of drink-driving in the Coffs Clarence command continues to be a concern, particularly the number of drink- drivers detected on the Pacific Highway,” Sgt Vandergriend said.

Police have countered the high rate of drink-driving offences and alcohol-related crashes in the local area with more operations involving highway patrol resources from other commands.

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