Coffs resident is 'living in fear'

LAZY real estate agents and neglectful landlords need to take responsibility for some of the violence in our community, according to a Park Beach resident who is fed up with continual violence in her street.

“It occurs ever three or four weeks and goes on and on. It’s always violent, horrendously violent,” Christine said, asking for her family name not to be published for fear of retribution.

A violent incident this week resulted in several vehicles parked on Boultwood Street being damaged.

“Landlords don’t care about who lives in these places and don’t fix them up,” Christine said.

“I think real estate agents are very lazy. Once the lease is signed, they don’t give a damn as long as the money’s coming in.

“The flats aren’t worth leasing, so they’re leasing them out to undesirables as they’re the only people who will take them.”

Christine described filthy flats with cat urine-soaked carpets, and walls with punched holes being offered for lease, without any promise of repair prior to letting.

“People are getting fed up. It is frightening,” she said.

“I sound like such a snob, but I’m not. I care about the area.”

Police indicated they attended Boultwood Street on Sunday after reports of screeching wheels and fighting and found a large group of young people.

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