Rescue of woman a joint effort

A WOMAN has survived a hair-raising ride which left her trapped upside-down in her wreck for about 30 minutes at Valla.

A delicate rescue operation was launched to free the woman, believed to be in her 40s, after the nasty smash on East West Road at 4pm on Tuesday.

Her westbound silver Honda CRV careered off the road about 2.5km west of the Pacific Highway and hurtled 15 metres down a steep embankment.

The four-wheel-drive pounded into a creekbank and sailed over the creek before slamming into the bank on the other side and landing heavily on its roof on the edge of the thick scrub.

Paramedics were treating the woman – the sole occupant – when the Nambucca District Volunteer Rescue Association arrived at the scene.

“She was still in her seatbelt and was lying face down,” said VRA site captain Christopher Pearson.

“When it was determined there were no apparent neck injuries we extracted her with the help of the ambulance officers.

“We were able to pull her out through the passenger side of the vehicle.”

The woman was placed on a spinal board and the rescuers, who had cut steps into the steep embankment, formed a human chain to carefully lift her up to the road and to the waiting ambulance.

She was taken to Coffs Harbour Health Campus for further assessment and treatment and was in a stable condition yesterday.

Motorists on East West Road were forced to slow as the rescuers went to work and traffic was brought to a standstill while two tow trucks salvaged the wreck.

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