Renovate from the inside out this New Year
Renovate from the inside out this New Year

Renovate from the inside out this New Year

As 2017 lifts off the launchpad some of us have commenced a "renovation rescue" on ourselves by resolving to eat healthier and exercise more. That's renovating from the outside in. It can certainly make us feel better.

But for a real make-over, resolve to renovate from the inside out. Take time to explore the power of your spiritual pilot light to improve your life!

One of a growing band of physicians who admit the connection between spiritual, loving thoughts and our health, Lissa Rankin MD, unites with other spiritual thinkers down the centuries when she urges us to "strip back everything that isn't really us," or "that we may have learned in the school of hard knocks," to find that "inner pilot light" or divine spark of love within. Studies on cancer-recovery and -remission support her claim to the beneficial effects of this practice.

In light of this research into the effects of spirituality on health and healing, could it be Jesus' recognition of his divine pilot light (and theirs) which enabled him to heal the destitute, blind man and transform the corrupt tax collector into a real good guy? You could say he was the Master-renovator!

That divine, loving viewpoint still moves mountains of fear, selfishness and sickness today.

"His proof of Christianity was no form or system of religion and worship, but Christian Science, working out the harmony of Life and Love," discovered spiritual thinker and healer, Mary Baker Eddy.

To work out the harmony of life and love, we need to tune out the down beat, material viewpoint and recognise that our inner pilot light is always present as unstoppable, divine goodness. As we do, we also claim for ourselves strong morals, a healthier body and increasing spiritual understanding.

Day to day, we'll find that kindness and spiritual perception invariably prevent road rage; they stop turmoil developing from rumination about the news; and they can keep over-consumption (of food, stimulants, or games of chance) in check. Over the many years of taking a deep, spiritual approach to life, this mental renovation has cured me of headaches and other stress-related illness.

If you're seeking greater wellbeing in your life, renovate from the inside! Choose to actively get to know and utilise the love and spiritual poise always burning within the divine consciousness.

Writer, Kay Stroud, blogs on the connection between consciousness, spirituality and health, and trends in that field She practises Christian Science healing.

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