Remember the Raj Mahal elephants?

WHAT is happening at the Raj Mahal in Woolgoolga?

That is the question on many people's lips, with the centre that was once an attraction in the township has become increasingly run down.

It began in February 2007, when the Raj Mahal was victim to vandals and sustained more than $450,000 worth of damage to Indian antiquities and cultural artefacts, as well as the building itself and the famous pair of elephants that line the Pacific Highway.

Now, more than a year on, the elephants remain trunkless and grafittied, and the centre remains damaged and unoperational.

Producer and businessman Salinder Singh Salindera said repairs to the Raj Mahal would cost close to $250,000 and that he was waiting upon the results of contract negotiations with Buildev Building Company for a Coles and Target development before he decided to go ahead.

"The Raj Mahal is still under contract negotiations with Coles and Target stores," he said.

He did say that he intends to repair the two famous elephants and in the meantime will be moving the elephants into a shed out of view.

"There is only one company in Australia who can repair them, and they are hard to get a hold of," Mr Salindera said.

"They cost $20,000 each. They will probably cost $10,000 each to repair."

Mr Salindera said it was important that the community was aware of vandalism as an issue.

"We, as a collective community, need to do something about it," he said.

"It's our children that are doing this. We need to start with teachers, businesses and organisations."

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