Refugee diplomacy

THE Opposition's refugee policy "turn the boats around" - what a brilliant idea.

We have a boat full of refugees leaving Sri Lanka getting intercepted by the Australian Navy near Christmas Island.

The boat crew have no papers and won't talk.

The navy lieutenant in charge of the boat determines that the boat probably came from Indonesia and escorts it to Java.

The Indonesian Government refuses entrance of the boat, but the navy got its orders from Abbott so they continue into Indonesian waters.

The Indonesian Navy intercept the Australian vessel and arrest the crew after a fight. Bad news for Australia.

To prevent the incident escalating, Abbott, the "ultimate diplomate", enters Indonesia to "sort them out". Bad for Indonesia.

Abbott gets arrested for approving an "act of aggression" and is put in jail. Good for Australia.


Gallery: Coffs Harbour Anzac Day service

Gallery: Coffs Harbour Anzac Day service

Hundreds gather to remember those who served our country.

Gallery: Sawtell Anzac Day march

Gallery: Sawtell Anzac Day march

LOCALS gather at Sawtell's First Ave for Anzac Day march.

A time to remember

A time to remember

Anzac Day services get underway.

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