POLLUTION: See how you can help through reducing your carbon emissions.
POLLUTION: See how you can help through reducing your carbon emissions. FILE

Reduce your emissions this Clean Air Day

INTERNATIONAL Clean Air Day yesterday provided the perfect opportunity to start thinking about little actions you can make to help reduce pollution.

According to Conserve Energy Future, air pollution or contamination can happen from physical, biological or chemical alterations, which can be both visible and invisible.

When pollution is visible, an immediate way to tell is how it limits the view of beyond our skylines.

The South Burnett has beautiful skyscapes with optimum stargazing opportunities, which is noticeably different to high-pollution areas like Brisbane and other cities.

However, the view of pollution isn't the only thing we should be concerned about as pollution continues to plague our environment.

The main issue with pollution is that it is depleting the Ozone layer, something our ecosystems rely on to survive.

International Clean Air Day was created to get people wondering about how they can help reduce their own carbon footprint in an effort to be environmentally friendly.

To reduce pollutants, it's important to know how they come about.

Burning fossil fuels

Firstly, there's the burning of fossil fuels, which is mainly caused by transportation, be it cars, trucks, trains or planes and has a great impact on the environment.

However, in a transportation dominated world, this is hard to avoid, especially within rural areas without many public transport options like the South Burnett.

However, there are some measures you can take if you are serious about reducing your carbon footprint.

A great start can be made by taking turns carpooling with friends to events, or with your peers at work.

If you live close to your common destination, on good weather days you can always plan ahead to either walk of bike ride, too.

Agricultural pollution

While the agricultural industry is very important to the region, it also emits a lot of ammonia into the atmosphere and can harm our air.

This caused the creation of Meet Free Monday, created in 2009 with the aim for people to reduce their carbon footprint with at least one plant-based meal every week.

Adopting this once a week habit won't be enough to damage the agricultural industry, but it will be enough to help drastically reduce your carbon emissions.

Energy inefficiency

Being wasteful is never good when it comes to the environment, especially when pollution relies on cutting down emissions.

There are many ways you can be more efficient with your energy, and it can simply include conserving it, only using what you need when it comes to lights, fans and heaters, and non-energy efficient devices.

All of this will help to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that will need to be burned.

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