Record times for cross country run

A REAL mix of age divisions made it a day of mixed fortunes as runners took to the sands of Nambucca Beach on Sunday morning for the latest round of the Mid North Coast Cross Country series.

In absolutely sparkling weather conditions with the proviso that there was a headwind on the back bit of the out-and-back courses two senior runners, Greg Robson and Cris Robb led in the 2km field in times which suggested that the distance was not quite that advertised.

No-one was complaining as seven runners completed their journey under seven minutes including the third male, Daniel Campbell and the first two females, Zoe Burgess and Romany Seemann. The third female Carla Westwood was only 13 seconds adrift of that mark as well.

Youngsters shone in the 5km event with Matthew Berrington and Emily Malouf adding another victory each to their curriculum vitaes. Berrington was chased ‘home’ by two more senior runners, Cris Robb and Terry Garrett while Stephanie Mann and Fiona Bagley filled the minors for the ladies.

The two laps for the 10 kilometre run saw the tried and true step up with Tony Woolford, Paul Sheringham and Jason Smit filling the placings for the men and Lyn Fulton, Janie Mahoney and Trish Moffatt doing likewise for the women.

The times may have suggested a discount was on offer but everyone got more than their money’s worth thanks to the efforts of local runner Jim McCullagh who first set the course then turned out to run fourth in the long distance event.

Next week will see something of a divided loyalty happening with the Mid North Coast Series continuing in the forest at Sherwood Creek Nature Reserve in Woolgoolga but many runners seeking a longer distance and travelling to South West Rocks for the annual Macleay marathon and half marathon.

Most will be back together the following week at the Botanic Gardens.


2 kilometres


Greg Robson 05:56

Cris Robb 05:58

Daniel Campbell 06:17


Zoe Burgess 06:36

Romany Seemann 06:41

Carla Westwood 07:13

5 kilometres


Matthew Berrington 16:36

Cris Robb 16:49

Terry Garrett 16:53


Emily Malouf 18:01

Stephanie Mann 19:46

Fiona Bagley 20:17

10 kilometres


Tony Woolford 33:37

Paul Sheringham 36:10

Jason Smit 36:46


Lyn Fulton 43:17

Janie Mahoney 44:23

Trish Moffatt 45:22

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Special Stage puts fans in action space

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