Readers reveal parking fails across Fraser Coast

AN elderly lady reverses into a car twice before driving off, while another car receives a gouge within minutes of being parked.

Following reports of the black Jeep being scratched at Station Square in Maryborough this week, our Facebook community has shared their worst car damage experiences while in public places and it's not pretty.

While Station Square seems to the worst, according to our reader's, vehicles have been damaged at other popular car parks around Hervey Bay.  

One reader even revealed her car had been urinated on while parked at Station Square. 

Have you witnessed a parking fail across the Fraser Coast? Email your first hand account and parking fail photos to 



Karla Hoffmann: "Years ago on Christmas Eve we were in shopping and a guy with a car trailer attempted to park next to our car. The trailer ended up under our wheel well and lifted our car, crushing the quarter panel onto the wheel at the same time. The driver jumped out and asked a group of young guys to help him lift our car off. They did, and then came and found us to tell us. The guy had taken off. We had to bend the quarter panel back out to be able to drive home. It was a lovely Christmas gift from a stranger....not."

Matthew Simmons: "Years ago at the Eli waters shopping centre, I saw an elderly lady reverse out of a car park right back into a car on the opposite side, she glanced out her window, saw that she had reversed into the rear of another car, turned around, gunned the engine forcing her car to reverse further back into that parked car, before then going forward and driving away."

Carleen McManus: "We had someone urinate on our car tyre at station square, it was all over it and it smelt bad. A drunk guy told us when we arrived back to our car but we were thinking it may of been him as he was standing next to out car."

 "Once I accidentally hit someone's car in a public car park but I left them a note and paid for the repair. I don't know how someone could just drive off and not feel guilty about damaging someone else's property."

-Melissa Robinson

Allison Neil Probert: "Parked my car at Woolies Pialba ran in, only gone a couple of minutes, came out and had a gouge across both passenger doors, how people can drive away knowing they have damaged someone's property is beyond belief, I would not sleep at night if it was me that hit someone's car!"

Raelene Cous: "More times than I can count. Only time I ever got a note was when a retired Police Officer hit my car. Certainly screams badly designed car park if even a Police Officer can bump into another car. But most damage was trolleys being hit into my car or keying. Once I got rid of that car as with before I owned it keying stopped being a problem, I think someone had a issue with someone driving a similar car. Drove me nuts."

Isabelle Goswell: "A lady's car door was blown by the wind onto mine and she generously paid for its repair. Even came into aldi looking for us."

Christine Lee: "I bought a second-hand car just over a year ago. It had been really well looked after and had no scratches or marks on it. The first time i went to Station Square I came home with a small ding in the passenger door and a squiggly scratch just behind the passenger back door. People have no respect for other people's things."

Lucinda Briscoe: "Yep everyday I'm sure someone at Station Square gets a dint, scratch or mark (car park sucks)."

Roz-Andy Mason: "This is why I love my car. If you hit it I don't stress!! Just not worth it in my opinion smile emoticon had kids draw stars on my bonnet at bunnings once, I think they used a stick!! Lack of respect for other people's property, or for some weird reason maybe people get jealous? Glad I'm not in either category."

Di Cox: 'While waiting for RACQ at Stocklands Hervey Bay. Someone ran 2 full length key gouges down both sides. Bad enough breaking down, then adding that made a bad day worse."

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