Re-registration ban on write-offs

THE re-registration of written-off vehicles will soon be banned in NSW, in an effort to curb vehicle theft and protect unwitting drivers from unsafe repair jobs.

The NSW Government is the first State to introduce such a ban, which means write-offs will no longer be able to be sold at auction.

Transport Minister David Campbell says the ban, which will come into effect in August, will help curb the re-birthing of stolen cars, which has links to organised crime syndicates.

“There’s a black market for purchasing written-off vehicles at auctions, then using stolen parts to re-birth and register the car, to be sold for a tidy profit,” Mr Campbell told reporters.

“It’s estimated that as many as six out of 10 of the 20,537 repairable written-off vehicles presented for re-registering in 2009 pose serious questions about the origin of the parts used to repair them. Today’s announcement will put a massive dent in these illegal operations.”

The ban would also protect unwary motorists, Mr Campbell said.

“Some consumers are being taken for a ride, motorists might be driving around in what’s effectively a stolen vehicle.”

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