Kate Larson and Ian Horely raise funds at BAM.
Kate Larson and Ian Horely raise funds at BAM. Declan Cooley

Tannum to Tembak group raising money for orangutans

CAMPAIGNING among the stalls set up at the Beach Arts and Music festival, members of the group Tannum to Tembak were hard at work raising money.

The eco-warrior outfit hoped to raise $30,000 to allow 15 members from the group to travel to Tembrak in Borneo to help at an orangutan orphanage.

Kate Larson, who was busy working at the stall, said she was inspired to join the group after watching the documentary Rise of the Eco Warriors; a film about a group of young activists who travelled to Borneo to confront environmental destruction.

"I knew a little bit about the issue and how much the palm oil industry in Borneo was destroying the jungles but after I saw the movie, the difference was I decided to do something about it," Ms Larson said.

"Because the palm oil industry is so big over there, Borneo's jungles are continually cut down and destroyed to make way for plantations," she said.

"This destroys the natural habitat of orangutans."

Working alongside Ms Larson, Ian Horely said 25 orangutans died in Borneo every week.

"The money we raise for the organisation will go towards building sustainable fences for an enclosure that rehabilitates orangutans and gets them ready for release into the wild again," Mr Horely said.

"I know we can't achieve a lot in the 12 days we're over there but we hope to raise awareness for the cause and learn and help out as much as we can."

The group plans to put $20,000 towards an electrified enclosure at a rehabilitation centre for the orangutans.

Tannum to Tembak is screening the film Rise of the Eco Warriors on October 16 at Tannum Sands State School in an effort to raise more money.

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