SOAPBOX: Why are you smoking while I'm working inside?

RAIN, hail or shine, smokers choose to huddle outside and puff on their cigarettes for their "fix".

I don't understand why anyone would take up smoking, let alone enjoy the act of inhaling dirty smoke into your lungs, effectively sabotaging your own health.

I've never smoked, not even a puff.

Megan Mackander
Megan Mackander

Why should they have more breaks than I do.... or specifically, A BREAK.

A new study this week revealed smokers have an extra four hours break each week compared to their non-smoking colleagues.

That's lunacy and plain unfair. Hospitality was labelled the worst industry for it, with some workers going without any break unless they choose to smoke.

The worst is when a smoker comes back inside, wafting of smoke. Yuck, no thanks.

I question how much productivity is affected because of smoking.

It must have some sort of impact, surely with four hours gone from the working week.

We're not all perfect - I'm a big fan of a cup of tea or a quick chat, but nothing compares to hours of work time "stolen" for an addiction that just should not exist.

Yesterday Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle tabled a bill in Parliament calling for smoking to be banned within 5m of Queensland Government buildings and certain public areas.

It will apply to public transport waiting points, pedestrian malls, swimming pools and skate parks.

I say yes! I've had enough, I don't want to be part of your addiction and certainly don't want to be near the smoke and smell.

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