The statue of Jimmy Crow at Centenary Park in Crows Nest after being vandalised.
The statue of Jimmy Crow at Centenary Park in Crows Nest after being vandalised. Kevin Farmer

Racist vandals leave shocking mark

INDIGENOUS leaders and Crows Nest residents have been left sickened by the racist vandalism of a statue in the town park.

The two-metre high statue of Aboriginal Jimmy Crow, which stands in Centenary Park, was defaced with white paint.

Racist slogans were painted on a shop and a car nearby.

A local legend, Jimmy Crow lived in a hollow tree and provided information and directions to the early settlers and bullock teams travelling through the area.

The township of Crows Nest was named after the Aborigine and his rough bush home.

Aboriginal elder Uncle Darby McCarthy said the defacing of the Jimmy Crow statue was disgraceful and showed the mentality that still existed within the community.

"It is terribly disrespectful and sad really," Mr McCarthy said.

"I would have thought that after close to 250 years that Australia would have grown up.

"This type of blatant racism should not be tolerated, nor has any place within our society."

Those sentiments were echoed by aboriginal activist and campaigner Stephen Hagan, who said unfortunately racism was still an issue across the region.

"Toowoomba remains an island as far as a change in attitude is concerned," Mr Hagan said.

"The more things change, the more things stay the same."

A Crows Nest businesswoman, who asked to remain anonymous, said that she felt sickened that members of the local community still held these racist views.

"It is absolutely terrible and disgusting what they did," she said.

"I can not believe that these type of people live in our town.

"People just do not have any respect for anything, or each other anymore."

Crows Nest police officer Acting Sergent Tim Hutton said the racist attack was highly offensive to the people of Crows Nest.

However, Acting Sgt Hutton said police were confident that they had identified those responsible.

"We have identified three local juvenile offenders who will be dealt with in due course in relation to the matter," he said.


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